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AGILE Project Management

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management is a project delivery methodology which was created as a response to limitations that traditional project management could not deliver specially, for the software development industry. However, this has now evolved into mainstream project management.

What problem does Agile solve?

Agile allows for continuous improvement, and the process is flexible and adaptive. Incorporating feedback throughout the process means project stakeholders or customers won’t have to wait until the end of a project to see the results, increasing the likelihood they get what they actually need rather than what they think they need.

What is the history of Agile Project Management?

The Agile Manifesto is the foundation for Agile project management, and this was formulated in 2001 by a group of seventeen software development experts. The core Agile method has been around for twenty-two years. Since Agile was created, it has continued to evolve and has been integrated and refined by experts within multiple delivery methodologies and practices across the world.

How do I apply Agile to my project?

Agile is a flexible approach to managing projects that emphasise adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Projects are broken down into smaller increments called sprints. Each sprint typically lasts for a few weeks and focuses on delivering a specific set of features or functionality. Sprints are regularly reviewed; their plans are adjusted based on feedback and changing requirements to ensure they meet the project goals.

Is Agile suitable for my project?

Agile is most suitable and well matched to projects that have high levels of uncertainty. It enables teams to break the project into smaller more digestible chunks of work whilst allowing the team to collaborate and feel empowered, promoting self-organisation and empowerment of project teams. Agile also supports customer involvement and emphasises customer collaboration and involvement throughout the project, emphasising feedback to be given and received often.

Can I get qualified as an Agile Project Manager?

Sure, Agile project management qualifications start at the Foundation level can be completed via training courses, Agile certifications, workshops, conferences, online resources, and tutorials. The Foundation level will give you a fundamental understanding of the approach, principles and practices needed to be an Agile Project Manager, ideal for anyone leading or working on projects where a mature Agile framework is needed.

Is Agile suitable for me?

Agile certification is aimed at professionals including:

  • Anyone who wants to understand or bring Agile Methodology into their organisation.
  • Project managers
  • Members of an Agile team who are looking to develop their Project Management understanding and skills.

Can you help me get qualified?

Yes, we offer the Agile Foundation course and exam which you can take online in your own time. Once you have passed your exam you will have a globally recognised qualification, formally be an Agile Project Manager and we will support you all the way. Take a look at the course here.


If you're facing a complex project with high levels of uncertainty and need a more adaptive approach, need your team to deliver a high quality of outcomes whilst remaining flexible to the customer needs or, you are a professional wanting to learn more, Agile project management may well be the solution to your problem! For more information go to Agile Foundation course and exam.