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Is Training Really All That?

Is Training Really All That?

Training is proven to increase staff morale, promote self-worth and can give employees focus and direction. Businesses who do not engage in their employees' aspirations are likely to have a high staff turnover, wasting untold fortunes and time in recruitment whilst potentially allowing real talent to waltz out of the door directly into the arms of their competitors.

That said, there's little point in putting candidates forward for training that benefits neither them nor the organisation. So, at Cyclopz Training we offer a free skills gaps analysis, a simple form that you can complete yourself or we would be more than happy to walk you through it over the phone.

Once completed, we will create a targeted training package, including pricing and course content portfolio designed specifically around the needs of your business goals.


Working with you, we can create a package of multiple courses for multiple personnel across several departments. This includes a timeline of start dates that are staggered to ensure courses fit around business schedules and annual leave.  The flexibility of online study means that if one of your employees is sick, we can rearrange their courses at the touch of a button.

Cost Effective

The online courses can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, so there is no time lost for employees having to travel to a training venue or extra business expenses for accommodation and subsistence costs.  

The exams are all hosted online too, so can easily be taken in work time.  Before you know it, you have a fully accredited workforce who are motivated and all working to best practice, driving your organisation forward.

Stay Informed

As part of this managed system, Cyclopz will provide you with weekly or monthly reports about your learners' progress. You will be able to see, at a glance, how many learners have started or finished their courses, or how far through they have progressed, as well as exam dates and pass rates.

There is 24/7 technical support available through the Learner Portal to assist candidates with any technical difficulties they may encounter.

Our Team Training page gives you all the information you need to start upskilling your workforce so if you are looking for a managed solution to your training requirements, just click here.