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ITIL®V3 Expert

Since its inception, ITIL has been widely adopted as the leading framework for ITSM. As a result, millions of IT professionals have invested time and money in ITIL certification programs to enhance their career by driving business value through IT best practices.

The ITIL® V3 Lifecycle Certificate in Managing Across the Lifecycle is the final capstone course required to reach ITIL Expert status. The course looks at using ITIL processes and practices across the lifecycle. It includes the application and integration of service management processes and provides skills that can be used to deliver value to your organisation.

ITIL V3 is being phased out to ITIL V4 at the end of December 2021.  Click here for more information about how you can use your ITIL V3 credits to transition to ITIL V4 Managing Professional.

Please note: With the imminent withdrawal of ITIL V3, you can only purchase 90 day access to these courses.  You must have completed your course and taken the exam prior to 31 December 21.

Who is the certification for?

The ITIL® V3 Lifestyle Certificate in Managing Across the Lifecycle is recommended for anyone who requires a business and management level understanding of the entire ITIL service lifecycle and how it may be utilised to optimise the quality of IT service provision within an organisation.

 What will we gain?

The ITIL Framework is aligned with a range of international quality standards, including ISO/IEC 20000 global standard for IT service management systems. The global reach of the ITIL framework and its alignment with other leading standards means that certified ITIL professionals can apply their skills to a versatile range of businesses and industries, even those that exist in foreign countries. Organisations across the globe have adopted the ITIL framework and invested in ITIL software tools to support its processes. 


ITIL®MALC - ITIL V3 Lifestyle Certificate in Managing Across the Lifecycle Course & Exam 

The ITIL®MALC exam is based around a case study. The case study you will use during the exam is provided as part of your course material. The 8 modules are divided into easy to absorb lessons. The 8 modules within ITIL®MALC comprise of Service Lifecycle Key Concepts, Communication & Stakeholder Management, Process Integration Across the Lifecycle, Management Services Across the Lifecycle, Governance and Organisation, Measurement and Implementing, and Improving Service Management before a final Sample Exam module.

  • Format: Self-Paced Online Course 
  • Duration: 90 days 
  • Pre-Requisite: ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL V3 or later, or ITIL V2 + the V2-V3 Foundation Bridge) 
    15 credits from the ITIL Intermediate courses 
    30 hours of study via an accredited training solution – confirmed by your course completion certificate 
    2 years IT experience is desirable 
    A minimum 28 hours of self-study using the syllabus and ITIL core volumes is recommended 
  • Certificate: ITIL® V3 Lifecycle Certificate in Managing Across the Lifecycle 
  • Exam: Included 
  • Accredited: Yes 
Also includes compulsory reading, 24/7 helpdesk and tutor support

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