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The OBASHI methodology is a revolutionary method of analysing dataflows, made up of five core principles that help organisations become more efficient and financially sound.

Arguably the most important principle is its first, that the understanding of the flow of data is fundamental to an organisation’s financial well-being.

OBASHI helps you achieve financial effectiveness by mapping out how data flows between assets including people, processes, technology and how the inter-dependency between these assets affects your organisation. 

 Who is the certification for? 

  • Senior Management
  • Board Members
  • Compliance Officers
  • IT Operations Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Procurement Departments
  • Finance Departments

What will we gain?

OBASHI has its roots in the oil industry but is applicable to any organisation and at all levels. Use it to create dataflows to enable strategic planning, or to plan and impact assess low-level changes. It’s not just about IT, it’s about the fact that all businesses now rely on data – so we must understand how data flows. 

Obashi Foundation Course & Exam

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to OBASHI. OBASHI Foundation certificate holders can work as part of an OBASHI team, understand how OBASHI supports business strategy and explain the benefits of OBASHI. 

  • Format: Self-paced online course 
  • Duration: 30 or 60 days 
  • Pre-requisite: None 
  • Certificate: Obashi Foundation 
  • Exam: Included (but not if exam or course only option) 
  • Accredited: Yes 

Also includes compulsory reading, 24/7 helpdesk and tutor support.  

Obashi Foundation Exam Resit

Should you need to retake the OBASHI Foundation Exam, you can purchase a resit below.  Please note that you can only purchase the exam as a standalone product if you have previously completed the OBASHI Foundation Course through this store.

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