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About Us


Cyclopz Group Ltd “Cyclopz” is a UK, Hereford-based company with a Global reach.

​​We are passionate about leading and enabling people and organisations to be safer, more efficient and resilient in the digital environment.

​Cyclopz was formed because we continually see single technology-only solutions being offered to clients, only solving part of the problem and often ineffective in demanding, sometimes hostile and sensitive conditions.

We deliver unique, complementary services that take a holistic view of each client’s distinctive environment. We home in on the reliance and the effect of individual components, bringing them together to create harmony.

Using globally recognised frameworks, standards and techniques, we ensure that we operate and promote the latest best practices. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to add value in all areas.

Cyclopz works with a wide spectrum of organisations across the globe where there has been a need for a fast and effective delivery. We are fortunate enough to have fantastic enduring relationships with many clients leading to our involvement in exclusive and challenging programmes and projects.

This is mirrored in our strategic partnerships with companies, bespoke teams, and Academic Institutes. All our partners are chosen because we know they are leading in their area of expertise, of high calibre and deliver exceptional industry trusted solutions.

​Our clients swiftly see results whether we are working in their boardroom, at their front line or across the whole organisation. We assist them to make informed decisions, deliver what is needed for now and the future whilst getting them to a point where they can move forward on their own.

Facing a challenge? We are certain we can add value. Give us a call today and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Ollie Olver - CEO & Founder