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VeriSM Training

Traditional ITSM methodologies add immense value – but they are simply not sufficient anymore to meet the demands, challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation. Almost all organizations are already using other frameworks or best practices next to ITSM. A new approach has been created to bring all of these things together; helping organizations to make sense of it all and combining these practices to add value.

What is VeriSM?

VeriSM™ is a service management approach for the digital age that helps service providers to create a flexible operating model to meet desired business outcomes. VeriSM™ supports organizations to succeed in the world of digital services, using all organisational capabilities, from IT to Marketing and Finance to Customer Service, in order to deliver value.

Target Group

VeriSM™ Foundation is suitable both for professionals who are new to Service Management as well as those already working within a Service Management environment.  This includes graduates and undergraduates, managers, service owners/managers, executives and IT professionals.

Professional Benefits

Understand what are the main areas of an organisation and how to optimise the ecosystem
Ability to establish and improve effective organisational governance
Evaluate emerging technologies and their benefits and impacts to the business
Understand how the Digital Transformation can positively impact the Service Management of an organisation
Define and evaluate if an organisation has a service or a product culture
Be able to enhance your leadership skills for the Digital Era
Learn new methods to deal with business and customer challenges to achieve success
Improve the internal and external communication across teams and customers
Understand how to face and get the best from organisational changes

Business Benefits

Optimise the organisational business ecosystem, reducing costs and resources
Increase the readiness from Top Management to make decisions about the organisational direction
Be ready to adopt emerging technologies in order to create competitive advantage for business
Take advantage of the Digital Transformation Era to innovate the organisation's services for digital customers
Increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty based on a service culture
Better select internal and/or external professionals to become Digital Leaders within the organisation and save business time with recruitment and retaining the work force
Increase the capacity of the work force to achieve the business and customers goals overcoming the main challenges that can be faced
Improve the organisation internal and/or external communication to avoid misunderstandings
Perform business change without creating service disruption

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