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We offer global best-practice

Helping you and your team excel in business, project and technology leadership and management.

Self-paced learning in your own environment, in your own time


Invest in yourself with fully accredited courses.

Improve with self-study on a schedule that suits you.


Impress with globally recognised qualifications.

Invest. Improve. Impress.

Our Courses

Normally, you would now see our amazing courses portfolio but change is afoot!

We are excited to announce we are in the process of changing our training and mentoring services, making them even better and improving the way we help you through your personal and professional business journey.

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Do you look after staff training and development?

Identify gaps in the capabilities of your workforce with our Skill Gap Analysis.
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"Tasked with delivering a complex technology programme which had chosen to align with the various frameworks we knew we needed to train and qualify our people but did'nt know how to go about it.
Cyclopz gave us the solution on so many levels, affordable, effective, and flexible, they even assigned us a training manager to help us with reporting. Result we qualified all our people and delivered the programme successfully!"

B Sterry

See What We See

Cyclopz Group Ltd offer a range of products and services aimed at enabling people and businesses to minimise threat, create efficiency and build resilience.

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